1972 Foundation of Renker Daten KG.
1973 First CPG version created.
1974 CPG released for distribution.
1975 VSAM and Central Routine Library.
1976 Neutral file interfaces.
1977 First contract abroad (Scandinavia).
1978 HL1 is delivered. Marketing contract for worldwide CPG distribution with Altergo Software Ltd.
1979 100th CPG customer. Foundation of COURSE.
1980 Distribution in the USA by INSAC Inc.
1981 Data Dictionary for CPG.
1982 Renker Daten GmbH becomes Lattwein GmbH.
1983 Map generator separates screens from the programs.
1984 New, flexible syntax for the language.
1985 First PC version. New text processing.
Batch programs with CPG.
1987 Lattwein GmbH in new building.
1988 Debugger and list generator for CPG.
1989 Knowledge processing with CPG.
1990 Adaption for IBM ESA systems.
1991 Compiler support for SQL and tools for DB2.
1992 CPG4 is expanded further.
1993 Adaption for ESA is done.
1994 New just-in-time compiler QPG.
1995 New service for outsourcing application development.
1996 Connection of the mainframe to intranets and the Internet.
1997 Distribution of CPG5 (browser applications under CICS).
1998 Distribution via the Internet. International version created for all CPG service levels.
1999 Browser-based applications under CICS - success story in S/390 Bulletin.
New customer for CPG2 in the USA.
2000 Cross platform applications under CICS - success story in S/390 Bulletin.
New customer for CPG5 in the UK.
2001 Technical Conference, Jacksonville, FL (booth and presentation)
CPG5 for Linux and Linux for S/390 success story on VSE home page.
2002 New products CPGXML and QIT.
2003 First users apply CPGXML.
2004 Connector for the direct data processing of other platforms in CICS applications.
2005 More development of individual solutions. Training for VSE system programmers (in German).
2006 Additional connector to SAP R/3 and mySAP Business Suite.
2007 Connectors in practice: Mainframe application communicates directly with a web service of a B2B platform.
2008 Connectors in practice: COBOL application under VSE made available as a web service - thus addressable and executable by software developers of all other platforms.
2009 New Product CPGWSC - Web Service Communicator
2010 Web Service Communication not only in CICS but also in batch applications
2011 Connector CPG-Shell can start a program (with Mainframe data) on another platform
2012 CPG-Shell supported for z/OS
2013 New Customer for CPG2 in the USA
2014 CPG: 40th anniversary
2015 We are the last company offering VSE training
2016 Prototype of a connector to SAP as the leading system: Link to a SAP BAPI online and in batch from mainframe applications

Last updated: 04/05/2018