CPG-Shell - IBM Z connector to applications on other platforms available for z/OS

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Basic Training for VSE Systems Programmers and Operators

In addition to our successful trainings for advanced VSE systems programmers, we now offer a basic training for beginners - in German.
Mainframe and Web Services

Three customer success stories on our user conferences dealt with the communication of the z Systems mainframe and web services. They all show web service solutions in practice (presentations are in German):  Webservices at Kapferer , and at Wessels+Müller.
Tool Kit CPGWSC - Web Service Communicator

Our Connectors are all based upon the same technology. According to the requirements they can be combined to the following tool kits:
  • CPGWSC to include web services in mainframe applications online and in batch as well as to make mainframe applications available as a web service. 
  • CPGXML for host communication for developers in object oriented languages.
  • CPG5 and NetPage for browser based applications under CICS with mainframe programming skills.
CICS Sort extended

Our CICS Sort has been extended. If the sort criterion is not longer than 100 bytes, there are no restrictions any longer.

Data exchange between a 3270 or Batch application on IBM z Systems and any BAPI of a SAP®-system. (» read more)
CPGJDBC - process data on other platforms

CPGJDBC is a daemon, that enables CICS and batch programs to process data on other platforms. (» read more)
CPGXML for the 'object oriented developer'

The connector CPGXML sends XML data to the mainframe, a self developed or generated QPG application is executed under CICS and the result - again - is an XML file, that can be presented by the presentation program. (» read more)
CPG5... the programming language for the web

CPG5 is the language level which allows application development on mainframes to create intranet solutions for a private network - or for Internet solutions worldwide. (» read more)
CICS-TS system programs

You can download essential CICS-TS® system programs in our » download area.

Last updated: 04/11/2018