Users of our products outside Germany

We restarted distribution for non-German locations with the growing commercial use of the Internet.

The first international users of our product CPG/ESA are:

Brabant Water Brabant Water NV. in the Netherlands
Morrisons Supermarkets William Morrisons Supermarkets in the UK
Volusia Volusia County School Board in Florida, USA

Users of our products in Germany...

...have IBM computers (mainframes) that use the IBM operating systems VSE and z/OS. They come from many different areas, such as bankings, construction, professional associations, government, manufacturing, super markets, wholesale trade, hospitals, broadcasting corporations, power suppliers, insurance companies, newspaper publishers, data processing centers and many others.

The largest area is the manufacturing industry, with manufacturers of products such as: plumbing fixtures, automobiles, building materials, windows, and home appliances.

Some users in Germany are:
Armstrong DLW
The Armstrong DLW AG produces linoleum floors in the factory Delmenhorst.
Guilleaume offers individually tailored products to obtain the best possible grinding results together with a high degree of safety and cost effectiveness, sold universally under the trade mark ATLANTIC.
Boellhoff At Bollhoff the motto is "Joining Together"  to serve you and your fastening and assembly technology requirements. 
Sundwiger Messingwerk Sundwiger Messingwerk, Corporate Division DIEHL Metall, is one of the worlds most important manufacturers of bronze strip.
Gleason-Pfauter Gleason is a global leader in gear production technology. Today, gears made with GLEASON® technology are used in a wide variety of industries all over the world.
Thomas Josef Heimbach Thomas Josef Heimbach, Manufacturer of Paper Machine Clothing and filtermedia for industrial gas and liquid filtration.
Karmann Karmann is an independent first-tier supplier to the automotive industry. As a turn-key-supplier Karmann is able to handle entire car projects based on its competence to manage and control the whole process chain.
Rastal market leader in the glass and ceramic decoration sector. 
Ravensburger Germany's largest manufacturer of puzzles and board games. 
Schmetz the world's No. 1 needle manufacturer.
SFS SFS is one of Europe's leading producers of engineered fasteners and fastening systems and currently operates businesses in 20 countries worldwide.
ZF-Getriebe ZF is the world’s largest independent specialist for drive line and chassis technology.
Zollern The Zollern GmbH & Co. KG is a company globally acting in the areas Foundry Technology, Power Transmission, Gears and Winches, Automation, bearing Technology, Mechanical Engineering Components as well as in Steel Profiles.

Last updated: 10/04/2007