...we connect your IBM mainframe to the web!
Address Company Specifications
Approach  How you find us from the airport or motorway.
BACEMT  What can you do in the Batch with BACEMT?
Company  What you should know about Lattwein
COURSE  User Conference
"The language"
CPG1  The original compiler
CPG2  The modern programming language
CPG3  The modular programming language
CPG4  The intelligent programming language
The programming language for the web
Sample of CPG5 programming
Additional information
First steps presentation (PPT, PDF)
CPGJDBC  ... is a daemon, that enables CICS and Batch programs to process data on other platforms
CPGXML  Comfortable Connector to Mainframe Data for the PC Developer based on XML 
CPG-Shell  IBM Z Connector to Applications on other Platforms
CRL  The Central Routine Library
Dates...  ...of events
Distribution  The distribution of our products
Downloads  Download current manuals
E-mail Form to contact us
ESA  IBM Extended Systems Architecture 
Dates of events
File Transfers Programmable, automatable
Goals  The goals of our company
History History of Lattwein GmbH since its foundation
Home page  Lattwein's home page
Interface  The connection to the system software
Language  CPG "the language"
Lattwein  Who is Lattwein?
Legal The data of the company
Mail4Host  E-mails from and to the Mainframe
NetPage The map generator for web applications
News What is new on this site?
Photos  The photo gallery (short texts in German)
Press  Publications and Presentations
Summary of the products developed by Lattwein
QIT  Fast and easy file transfer via TCP/IP
QPG  The program generator for net-applications
References  Users of our products
Samples A sample of CPG5 programming
Service  Our services
Site map  Overview of our web site
Technology  Technical information about the connection between the Mainframe and the workstation
Users  A few users of our products
Web Enabled programming with CPG5

Last updated: 04/16/2018